On I went, out of the wood, passing the man leading without knowing I was going to do so. Flip-flap, flip-flap, jog-trot, jog-trot, curnchslap-crunchslap, across the middle of a broad field again, rhythmically running in my greyhound effortless fashion, knowing I had won the race though it wasn't half over, won it if I wanted it, could go on for ten or fifteen or twenty miles if I had to and drop dead at the finish of it, which would be the same, in the end, as living an honest life like the governor wanted me to. -Alan Sillitoe, "Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner"

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What the... what?

All along the Hudson River where I run a fair bit of the time are these odd... things.  Wooden figures of some sort.

They are obviously man-made.  There are at least a dozen of them, and they span an area of probably at least a mile.

Why are they there?  What are they?  Do they just represent someone with too much time on their hands?  Are they all driftwood? That would be a lot of driftwood!

I don't know why, but they kind of seem very Blair Witch Project to me.

Turns out I'm not the only one with questions, though.  As early as 2005, the New York Times was reporting on them.  In 2007 they discovered the artist: Tom Loback.  Turns out it's no secret - and turns out I'm not the only one who found them curious!


  1. Hahaha! They DO seem very Blair Witch Project! That's OK when you're out there during the daytime, but at night...Yikes...scary.

  2. they are very blair witch but i do like them! i read the nyt article too. i'll soon be an UWS'r so I am excited to chk them out :)